Watch Repair and Maintenance Services

Just like fine jewelry your timepieces also require very specific care and maintenance. They are delicate instruments that must be maintained to continue to perform properly and accurately to ensure you get the most from them. Carl's Fine Jewelry is the preferred watch repair and maintenance shop in Covington LA. We are here to serve you whether you need a new battery, or a complete watch overhaul.

In order to preserve its appearance and performance, your watch requires expert periodic maintenance. Just like a car, every product that contains a mechanism requires a full service after a certain amount of time.

When a Quartz watch stops, it is usually blamed on the battery. However, quartz watches also have wheels, gears, along with electronic components that may need to be replaced. There are also many minor repairs that need to be done, such as crystal replacement, crown replacement, pins, dial changes and case or bracelet adjustments.


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